KL-Detector v1.3
Free keylogger detection for your Windows system!

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Windows 95/98/Me is not supported. Sorry.

Detect keylogger now: Download this keylogger detector

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For always-on security, try I Hate Keyloggers, another software I created to prevent your typing from being recorded by keyloggers.

Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge. It is designed to be able to detect all keyloggers. And it's free.

1. Detect the key logger... using KL-Detector
2. Remove the key logger... by yourself

The author of KL-Detector is Yohanes Aristianto.

What is a key logger? How to remove?
"My Pics" or "My Pics.exe"? Improve your security by showing file extensions

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need KL-Detector To Detect Keylogging Activity
(Why Keyloggers Threaten Your Privacy)

1. Surveillance software is very common nowadays. A Google search on keyloggers yields 2.7 million+ results.
2. Software mentioned in (1) has a bunch of features to record your activity in every possible way. See some features here.
3. Due to their "good purpose", keyloggers and other types of surveillance software are not detected by AntiVirus programs.
4. Most keyloggers are more threatening than the so-called spyware. Keyloggers can record your passwords, emails, credit card number, etc.
5. Some keyloggers can even be installed remotely. Google search here.
6. Most (if not all) keyloggers are invisible. This means you will not know if a keylogger is running on your system.
7. More and more people are using keyloggers or surveillance software. These include your friends, spouse, employer, etc.
8. The recorded keystrokes can be sent to an email address. So physical access to your computer is not necessary.
9. Public computers (e.g. public library's) might have keyloggers installed. It is just a possibility.
10. Detecting a keylogger is near-impossible without a special program.

Some quick facts about KL-Detector

It should work under Windows NT 3.51 SP3, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
No installation is necessary.
It cannot detect hardware keylogger. Well, no software can.
It cannot remove the keylogger automatically. You have to do it by yourself.
It reports the log file. If there is a log file, there should be a keylogger.
It might be called anti-keylogger, but I don't like that name. It detects keylogger, hence the name is KL-Detector.
It was written by a hobbyist programmer. So when I say it's free, it's really free :)

How to detect keylogger? How does KL-Detector work?

It works by scanning your local hard disk for any log file created during the monitoring process. Most keyloggers will eventually save the recorded data into a location in the hard disk. KL-Detector will inform you of such log file. This way, the program can detect all keyloggers, both known and unknown. Use KL-Detector to detect keylogger in public computer before you enter your password, credit card info, etc.

I have found a log file. What should I do?

Sometimes KL-Detector will give a false positive; that is, when a normal file is perceived as a log file. So please ensure that the reported file is a log file. If it is, that means a keylogger is installed on your system. Check the startup items and eliminate suspicious program. XP users: press Ctrl-Alt-Del and review all processes. Of course, adequate computer knowledge is required to remove the keylogger from your system...

What exactly does KL-Detector do?

It monitors disk-writes and then reports the written files to you.
It does NOT contain any spyware, adware, or the like. It does NOT phone home. It does NOT make any Internet connection.
So if you are really fanatic about your privacy, you can use KL-Detector without any worries.

Contact me if...

You need my help in detecting keyloggers.
You have found a suspicious file and need my assistance to remove the keylogger (if there is any).
You got an error. Please tell me how to reproduce the error, your operating system, etc.
Certain keyloggers are not detected by KL-Detector. Although this is unlikely to happen...
You have some testimonials to say. I will post it at this page.

A user sent this email to me:


Your detector is just what I was looking for. I have been setting up
a USB Flash drive to make it easier to go online when using other
peoples computers.

I've spent quite a bit of time locating WIN32 programs that require no
installation or writing to the registry. I also prefer small programs
to large ones as it's easier to hide malicious code in bloated programs.

The Flash drive is 126MB and utilizes the encryption scheme that came
with it. Inside it is an transparently encrypted DriveCrypt volume.

>From the inside I can run a batch file that starts Stunnel, which opens
a secure, encrypted tunnel to my privacy service proxy server. The
batfile then uses a WIN32 version of Tail to open a window and show me
the tail-end of stunnel.log continuiously so I know it's working.

Then the batfile opens OffByOne browser which is small, self-contained
and written with security in mind. It uses no Java or JavaScript, sends
no referrer tags and writes ALL caches to RAM. It writes it's cookies
(if enabled) to a file on the encrypted file system on the Flash drive.
The OffByOne browsers installed size is under 2 MB.

When I'm done surfing the batfile kills everything and tidys up a bit by
overwriting stunnel.log and the cookie file on the Flash drive, writing
a report of what it has done in a dos window.

I also have the Flash drive set up for updating my web page from any
computer if mine is down for some reason.

Now, with your self-contained keylogger detector on the Flash drive I
can test each computer I use BEFORE going online or doing an emergency
web update from a strange machine.

I have not found any keyloggers yet but it is comforting to have an
intellegent tool to search for them. I beleive that the inventers
of the Flash drive never anticipated the extent that they would be
used as privacy / security devices.


The full log did suggest That I check:

/c/Documents and Settings/Administrator.JOSH-62HOAOZG9H/ntuser.dat.LOG

I was unable to access this file in win2k. When I booted into FreeBSD
I opened it, but it was machine readable only. I'm assuming that this
is probably not much of a threat. I think that it is an ongoing backup
to the registry. Am I correct in assuming that KL-Detector reported
it based on its frequent disk writes?


Your documentation was very good. It's very important that people
realize that there is 'some art' involved in finding a keylogger --
that they can't expect to just quickly push a button and be safe.

I've run it a few times and looked at everything in the full log
so perhaps I will recognize something odd in the future -- which
could be a keylogger.

Now when I use KL-Detector I run it per instructions and then
after checking its log I run it continuiously, checking it every
few minutes and then restarting it. While I know that most keyloggers
must make quite a few writes because of the screenshots, webcam shots
etc, I truly fear a very simple, barebones, KEYS ONLY logger, sniffing
for passwords ONLY. With the MASSIVE amounts of RAM on todays boxes
the disk writes could be few and far between; even, Heaven forbid, at

Please tell me if these fears are out of line - I'm not any kind of

Anyway, my only criticism of KL-Detector stems from the way I use it --
which is ALL THE TIME. If it had a clear-log button or if it could go
back to the tray after I periodically check it, then i wouldn't have
to re-stert it. This should in no way be construed as negative
criticism. I love the program. I don't mind restarting it. I would
not want you to make it bloated or unstable or unreliable.

This has gotten a bit longer than I had planned. I hope I have not put
you to sleep.

Please comment on what I said about the dangers of KEY ONLY loggers and
large amounts of RAM.

You may use any part of this note or my first note to you in the
promotion of KL-Detector. (Just please don't list my email address)

Thanks again,

New Orleans

Maybe the above email can give you an idea on the usage of KL-Detector. It is also one of the reasons why I provide the program for free... you know, the warm feeling that you got after helping someone :)

KL-Detector is listed at a lot of websites! Keylogger detection is easy with this program!

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