I Hate Keyloggers version 1.0
The Best Keylogger Protection for Your Windows PC

I Hate Keyloggers will prevent your typing from being recorded by malicious software such as key loggers, spyware, remote administration tools. The software will disable hook-based keyloggers so the keyloggers will not be able to capture your keystrokes. This way you can type sensitive information (passwords, email, credit card number, etc) with confidence. The log file of the key logger will be empty (your keystrokes are not recorded).

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Windows 95/98/Me is not supported. Sorry.
Please read through before you download the software at the free download section.
What is a key logger, types of key loggers, why they are dangerous

(You can skip this section if you are an experienced PC user.)
Usually a keylogger is a computer program that records all your keystrokes. It means ANYTHING that you type using a keyboard will be recorded. The program stores the recorded keystrokes into a log file for later viewing. Some advanced keyloggers even have the ability to automatically send this log file to an email address.
You will not notice the presence of such program. It is invisible in the Task List (when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del). It will not show in Task Bar, let alone your Desktop. It does not make any noise, your system will not slow down as in the case of spyware. But the key logger silently records all the keystrokes and puff -- before you know it, your password has been changed and your credit card number has been used to make fradulent purchases.
There are two types of key loggers: hardware and software. The former is a physical device that is plugged between the keyboard and the PC. It is impossible to use a computer program to detect a hardware keylogger. You have to do a physical inspection for that. But you can detect a software keylogger.
Fortunately it is easy to detect a hardware keylogger. A quick check at the back of the PC will do. So we can concentrate our efforts on the software ones. There are plenty of software available to protect your computer from keyloggers, but most of them are commercial.
I have created a free software to detect keyloggers. It does not remove nor disable the keyloggers. Now I have created another software that complements KL-Detector. This software will disable hook-based keyloggers, so the keyloggers will not be able to capture your key strokes. I decided to give this anti-keylogger an emotional name: I Hate Keyloggers.

What "I Hate Keyloggers" does

First of all you have to understand how a software keylogger works. There are many methods to record the keystrokes, such as installing a system driver, through a system call, or setting a keyboard hook. We will deal with the latter because it is the most prevailing method used by well-known keyloggers in the Internet.
From an article in MSDN: A hook is a mechanism by which a function can intercept events (messages, mouse actions, keystrokes) before they reach an application. In the illustration below, the yellow circles are the applications that have set a hook to listen on events such as mouse actions and keystrokes.
Windows hooks
Suppose you want to login to your account using Internet Explorer. You typed mypassword with your keyboard. This text is then sent to Internet Explorer, but in its way it is intercepted by the hook. This hook was set by a key logger. Your password is recorded. Game over.
I Hate Keyloggers will disable this hook mechanism so the text (mypassword) will never reach the key logger program. Consequently, it will break some other programs that rely on this hook mechanism, but I Hate Keyloggers provides a hotkey combination to quickly disable or enable typing protection. It is very convenient!

Why you need "I Hate Keyloggers"

Because you want to protect your privacy. Keyloggers can steal your passwords, credit card numbers, emails, sensitive documents, etc. And what do you do to protect yourself?
Using a good anti-virus software is inadequate. Even with the latest virus definition, it cannot detect all keyloggers because it is very easy to create a brand-new keylogger. Keyloggers can be custom-made. Anti-virus software will not be able to detect a new variant of keylogger. It relies on checking file signature; that's why you have to update your anti-virus to get information about new virus variants.
How about installing a firewall? The concept of firewall is to limit access between your computer and the outside world. It has nothing to do with keyloggers. It may block a log file from being sent to an email address, but it will not detect the presence of keyloggers in your system. The culprit will still be able to fetch the log file through another means, usually physical.
The solution is a special software customized to prevent the keyloggers from recording your keystrokes. That's why you need an anti-keylogger: I Hate Keyloggers.

Download the software  

Download I Hate Keyloggers v1.0 (156 KB)
This version is fully functional, but will show a splash screen when it loads.
* To test the functionality of I Hate Keyloggers, you can install a hook-based keylogger and let it record your keystrokes for a while. Then run I Hate Keyloggers. Enable the protection; your typing is safe from the key logger. Disable the protection, and you risk losing sensitive data!
** Feel free to compare I Hate Keyloggers to other similar products. Take anything we said with a grain of salt -- you should install some keyloggers, install some anti-keyloggers (but do not run them simultaneously), and see which anti-keylogger performs best. I am confident you will find I Hate Keyloggers the best considering its functionality.

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