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Manga News Update Reporter

Fellow manga fans,

Do you want to be kept informed of your favorite manga releases? Some of us may have known MangaNews as a reliable source for news on manga releases. They list daily updates of manga releases. In the past, being on a cable, I used to check the site a few times in a day. This routine continued until I got bored. It was really cumbersome, having to check the releases manually. So I decided to create a program that automates the task. I planned the basic design and coded the basic functions. After some enhancements here and there, MangaNUR v1.0 is finished! (v1.2 now available)

With this program, you can check manga releases at MangaNews with one mouse click. Yes, click a button and releases of that day will be displayed in a list. Besides that, you can:

  • specify which manga titles you want to display (title filtering),
  • have the program check the releases at certain interval,
  • check releases when the program starts,
  • open websites of certain manga,
  • keep some titles in case you cannot download the manga at the moment,
  • read the current news of MangaNews,
  • hear a sound when new releases are available,
  • run the program in system tray,
  • and use some other functions not listed here!

So you can run the program and minimize it to system tray, and when new releases are available, the program will notify you. You don't need to check MangaNews manually, the program does that for you!

I designed MangaNUR with users in my mind. Being a manga fan as you are, I have the program run at startup so that it can notify me when new releases are available. So far, I am satisfied with its performance. And I am sure you will, too.

If you want to go on a long vacation, say, for one week, you can leave the program running and when you come back from your vacation, you will see what releases were out when you were gone. Plus, being able to select certain titles to display, the list will not be crowded with titles you do not want.

I made the program using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, so you will need Msvbvm60.dll in your System folder to run the program. Most computers already have this file. I expect the program to run well in Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP. Currently no version for other platforms is available.

You can see a screenshot of MangaNUR here.

To check new releases, click Check button. If there are any new releases, they will be displayed in the list box. Then you can select manga titles you'd like to download and click Open website button to open its website. After finished downloading the manga, you can click Remove selected button and the selected titles will not be displayed again. Or, you cannot download the manga at the moment? No problem, click Keep button and the selected titles will always be displayed until you remove them.
See a new title you like? Right-click that title and click Add to MyManga. Screenshot here.

If you want to run the program in minimized (system tray) mode, please use /s as the parameter. So, if the program is located at C:\Manga\MangaNUR.exe, you would type this to run it:
"C:\Manga\MangaNUR.exe" /s

Before you email me if you have any questions... please READ THE FAQs FIRST. Pardon the caps. Oh yeah, the staff at MangaNews has given me permission to use their name and service. Thank you staffs!

Of course, you get what you pay for. However, I believe it has been a tradition in (manga) fan community not to charge money for something that should be free. So, instead of charging money, I ask you to do the following:

  • tell me one thing you like the most from the program,
  • tell me one thing you hate the most from the program,
  • tell me at least one suggestion to improve the program,
  • tell at least one of your friends about this program (refer him/her to this website).

As you can see, I make no profit from MangaNUR. All those requirements are useful in improving and spreading the program, and in turn, making the community bigger.

By using the program, you give the program permission to download MOTD from my website, if there is any.

You can download your copy of MangaNUR v1.2 here. File size is 72KB zipped. Do not hotlink please; refer to this page instead.

Before contacting me, please make sure that you have read the FAQs.

And please visit the front page if you have some free time.

I will be happy to read your comments and suggestions. So feel free to send your email to manga@dewasoft.com. Thank you!


Yohanes Aristianto

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