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My name is Yohanes Aristianto and this is my [not-so-personal] space on the web. I am a hobbyist programmer who make some applications when I am in the mood and have some free time to do so.

Feel free to explore this humble website. Most of the applications are free. You will need Msvbvm60.dll to run my applications. Most PCs already have it.

I also have a security and privacy blog. Please take a look if you have the time.

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KL-Detector v1.3 (free)

A unique program that is able to detect keylogging activity on your computer. It is designed to be able to detect ALL keyloggers. Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge. And best of all, it's free.

CapSha v1.1 (free)

A simple multiplayer network game (to play in your LAN). It is also known as Big2, cho-tai-tee, cap-sa, and Hong Kong poker.

Othello v0.5 (free)

My own version of Reversi. Try to beat it! (to change mode, click the top-right corner)

I Hate Keyloggers v1.0 (obsolete)

I Hate Keyloggers will prevent your typing from being recorded by malicious software such as key loggers, spyware, remote administration tools. The software will disable hook-based keyloggers so the keyloggers will not be able to capture your keystrokes. This way you can type sensitive information (passwords, email, credit card number, etc) with confidence. The log file of the key logger will be empty (your keystrokes are not recorded).

CrazyTyping v2.0 (obsolete)

Replace all keystrokes on someone's computer with your own words. It creates an executable (.exe) file, so you can disguise the prank as another kind of program. You can set a password to stop the program. Type the password anywhere on the screen and the program will stop. It is a great prank for your friends, provided they have a good sense of humor :)


This is not you... or is this?

Itsira v1.0 (free)

A not-so-useful application, but it may change your life forever... if you spend some time on it.

Download itsira v1.0 (56KB).

You can contact me via email »  

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